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Life Rules to Help You Be More Consistent


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There are ups and downs in life. Despite the fact that this roller coaster ride is an inevitable aspect of life, everyone is seeking for ways to be more constant.

You will have an easier time sustaining connections with family and friends, reaching your goals, and performing well in school or at work if you are consistent.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to maintain consistency in their lives. What can you do to improve your consistency? So, in this essay, I’ll give you eight tips to help you be more consistent. But first, let’s get a basic definition out of the way.

The track record of professionals is used to evaluate them.

The majority of people may have one successful meeting, presentation, or conference. However, doing so on a regular basis demonstrates something unique, something beneficial to both employers and employees…

Consistency is a guarantee to employers. It denotes sturdiness and longevity.

Consistency leads to trust, which leads to opportunity for employees.

How to Maintain Consistency
On the surface, consistency appears to take time. To be consistent, it becomes your identity if you repeat positive behavior or performance on a daily basis.

It’s similar to forming a habit.

Are you prepared to be more consistent?

 Focus on a single aim.

Consistency runs against the grain of human nature. It’s taxing, particularly at initially. Limited source necessitates a significant amount of energy. Don’t add to the difficulty of the task by attempting to do too much at once…

The key is to concentrate on only one aim at a time.

What is your most pressing concern? What is the most destructive inconsistency you have? Begin there. Put in the effort. Stabilize. After that, move on to your next objective.

  Concentrate on making small improvements.

You won’t build a positive, beneficial habit overnight. That is not how our brains work. In fact, according to new studies, changing your behavior permanently could take months. Months.

That takes a lot of patience and concentration. That’s a significant amount of effort.

Allow yourself to recognize and appreciate the minor victories, the incremental gains you make along the path. They’ll keep you going in the right direction.

Struggle with your emotions.

The brain is a physically demanding organ. It consumes a lot of energy, which is why we can feel intellectually sluggish or lethargic at times, especially when confronted with a difficult task like consistency.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes.

That being said, you are a human being, flawed like the rest of us…

You will become exhausted as you work toward your consistent goals. You’re going to trip:

You’re not going to the gym today.
You’re about to miss a deadline.
You are going to be late for meeting.

Whatever your objective, you’re likely to make mistakes now and then – and that’s fine.

“Slipping on your habits does not make you a failure,” explains James Clear, a consistency expert. “It normalizes you.” What distinguishes great performers from the rest is their ability to rapidly get back on track.”

Allow yourself to forgive your mistakes and keep going forward. Is there anything else you can do?

Morning Routine

If I could employ a team of consultants to create a pie chart of my most productive days, they’d almost certainly begin with maintaining my morning routine.

Wake up, meditate for 5 minutes, read, get out of bed, stroll out into balcony, brush my teeth, splash water on my face, stretch, 25 pushups, 50 jumping jacks, get ready, and go!
It isn’t perfectly calibrated, but it gets me started in a state of controlled focus.

 Make an F.O.C.U.S. list.

Until you achieve success, stick to one course.

“I think my mum was just relieved for me that I had finally started to focus when I made the decision to focus on acting.” Daniel Day Lewis (DDL)

What exactly are you looking for? Make a system out of it, including routines, tasks, people, rewards, consequences, events, and tools.

What is the most beneficial action you can take right now? Make a list and then focus on finishing each task one at a time.

When our behavior isn’t chaotic and distracted, it’s easier to be consistent.

Consistency of Thought

Strive for constant thought in order to achieve consistent conduct.

“When it comes to style, go with the flow; when it comes to principle, be a rock”.  Jefferson, Thomas

For someone like me, who considers himself an essayist, this can be challenging because I need to continuously come up with fresh themes to philosophize about.
I’m in an existential spiral one month, contemplating life’s purpose, and the next, I’m ready to live in a barrel by the river.
In the end, reviewing empowering concepts helps me lay a mental foundation for my day, ensuring that my mind is based in principle wherever it travels.

 Wait until you’ve completed your process goals before allowing self-doubt to creep in.

You may face self-doubt as you go toward your destination.
Self-doubt is the ultimate destroyer of consistency. Consider self-doubt to be a monster…

The monster of self-doubt lurks in the shadows.

“More dreams are killed by doubt than by failure.” Suzy Kassem ,Suzy Kassem.

Knowledge casts out the shadows, yet there isn’t enough time, or even capability, to cast out all of the mental shadows.

“If you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks, you’ll never get to your destination”. Churchill, Winston

We must press on toward our outcome goal (i.e. 1K YouTube Subscribers), and only then should we address the self-doubt monster after completing a sufficient number of process goals (i.e. Publish a Video 5 Weeks in a Row).
Write down: I’m not going to think about my self-doubt until I’ve fulfilled all of my process goals (write down your process goals).
If you haven’t made any progress toward your outcome objective after completing your process goals, it might be time to look into the shadows to see what new path might be worth trying.

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