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How Freelancing Website Platforms can provide Billion Dollar jobs for

Beginners and Experts

Do you want to make your career in an online world, Freelancing?? If so, this can guide you through best online platforms you can remotely work and earn until you become billionaire. These tools or platforms can make you excel in life no matter whether you are a newbie or an expert.

Are you in the search of top platform??? One of the correct platform can play a vital role in the path of your success. It also enable you to connect with prospects in transparent manner. Keeping in view the idea, it can give you a surety of success no matter you are fresh graduate or a high level expert.

So, Where to find these platforms??? In the below article, we are going through the potential list of 22 freelance websites. So here we go to get started.



It is top rated platform for freelancers where a buyer can get services from experienced guys online. Fiverr provides tons of digital services. Each service is called a gig. The service fee can be as low as $5, as its name reflects. It started of with this price but later on other high paid services were also added.

The most attractive thing that people connected with fiverr as an individual is that it is user friendly and has features that are easy to communicate with. So from both buyer or seller perspective, it’s really simple and easy to get started.


With over three million jobs posted annually, Upwork is the largest freelancing network, making it a wonderful location to jump in and start getting opportunities right away.

You can also choose from a variety of freelancing options on Upwork, including short-term and long-term contracts, as well as set or hourly pay. on your payouts, it charges a slight fee deduction with the highest price being 20% on income of $500 or less. Another consideration is the application fee. Upwork employs a feature called “Connects,” which are similar to credits that freelancers use to submit proposals to job openings on the platform.

When new users sign up on Upwork, they get 80 free Connects. They cost $0.15 each after that and are available in bundles of ten connects. Overall, Upwork is one of the greatest freelancer sites for novices and specialists alike, thanks to its never-ending supply of chances and possibility for long-term customer relationships.


Thumbtack, like other freelancing sites, allows freelancers and businesses to connect with one another quickly and easily.

Thumbtack distinguishes itself by emphasizing local areas and small companies. Their website is put up to assist you get job whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, or a lawnmower. It’s also free to join for freelancers, and they provide refunds and insurance in the event that a work isn’t a suitable fit.

Thumbtack’s unique job pipeline is an additional benefit. You can choose the types of employment you want, and clients will contact you with openings that match your criteria. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have to pay for client leads. The price per lead starts at $1.50 and rises based on competition and other variables.


Another significant freelancing marketplace that might give you with a variety of chances is Freelancers can search their huge job boards for jobs and submit bids. You may also check your progress and speak live with clients once you’ve been hired.

The other characteristic of this website is the ability to enter contests to earn extra cash and receive reviews to help your profile stand out. In terms of fees, the platform deducts a 10% fee from project and contest prizes.


Behance is an Adobe-owned creative social networking platform with a rich job board for areas such as logo design, photography, illustration, and more.

The site’s social nature might also be beneficial to freelancers. Behance encourages networking and helps you to build connections that could lead to more job chances. It’s also a terrific place to host and display your portfolio to their tens of millions of users.


Flexjobs is one of my favorite online job boards for both remote and freelance work. They now have over 30,000 job openings in over 50 different categories. There are a few important ways Flexjobs distinguishes out when it comes to the finest freelance sites.

Perhaps most crucially, they give job validity a high emphasis. They’re known for hand-screening every project and company to guarantee that freelancers are working in a safe atmosphere. They also feature an advanced search option that is extremely customized and can save you a lot of time. They do, however, provide a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied inside the first 30 days.


If you are a programmer, designer, writer or anyone from technical field and looking for a career then Guru is for you. Can you imagine that this platform has active eight lac clients globally and success plus satisfaction rate is ninety nine percent.

On the backend side of this worthy system you can easily collaborate and add members to your freelancing team with a progress tracking feature.


Dribbble, like Behance, is a popular global platform for creatives to build their portfolios, find inspiration, and network with other designers and possible clients.

Freelance designers, illustrators, and other creative professionals can effortlessly display and market their work to earn new job prospects. The more individuals who enjoy your portfolio “shots,” the higher your work will be ranked. Their employment portal is simple to use, with helpful search filters to help you find positions that fit your needs.

Their job board offers a great feature that allows you to filter your search by project budget, ensuring you don’t waste time on tasks that aren’t worth your time. The disadvantage is that in order to apply for freelancing employment, users must upgrade their account to Dribbble’s premium subscription, which costs $5-12 per month.


99designs is a graphic design marketplace that links freelancers with clients all around the world in over 90 design categories.

On 99designs, there are two methods to gain business: freelancers can work directly with clients on a 1-to-1 project and get paid upfront, or you can compete with other designers in contests to win money and new clients. One of the advantages of 99designs is that it promotes long-term relationships between freelancers and designers.

Whether you worked on a project or entered a contest, you can continue working with the customer on the platform thereafter. Keep in mind that as well as sliding platform fees dependent on your “designer level,” which start at 15%.


Toptal is a freelance marketplace that claims to link clients with the world’s top 3% of freelancers. As a result, their freelancer application screening procedure is lengthy and rigorous, making it difficult to get authorized and certainly not beginner-friendly. However, after you’ve been accepted, it’ll be well worth your time.

Toptal partners with well-known companies like as Airbnb and Shopify to help you get profitable freelance jobs. They also adopt a hands-on approach, assigning clients to freelancers from five main categories: developers, designers, finance specialists, project managers, and product managers.

Another great feature that sets Toptal apart from other freelancing services is that they don’t deduct any fees from freelancers’ revenue.


PeoplePerHour is a freelancing network headquartered in the United Kingdom that has connected over 1 million clients and freelancers around the world for hourly and project-based work. To join as a freelancer, you must apply and be accepted by their moderators.

You may then establish your profile, look for existing projects, and create bespoke packages that best represent your services once you’ve been accepted. In order to attract clients and stand out on Freelancer, it’s critical to focus on creating a winning profile, just like it is on other freelancer platforms. The disadvantage is that freelancers must pay a 20% charge, which decreases as the project’s cost rises.


We Work Remotely bills itself as the world’s largest remote work marketplace. Though the platform focuses mostly on remote employment (and programming jobs), it also feature a contract job section where freelancers can browse a wide range of opportunities with major corporations such as Google and Amazon.

Their advanced search option is much more comprehensive than many other job boards, allowing you to quickly identify and filter down the top freelance jobs online. It’s also entirely free to take a look around and apply for any jobs that interest you.


Freelance Writing pulls information from all across the internet to provide real-time access to freelancing opportunities. This website provides a resource for freelance writers, whether you’re a copywriter, blogger, journalist, or any writing-related professional, as the name implies. This is a fantastic way for freelance writers to save time while looking for work.

There is no need to register or pay to view the listings. The site is simple to navigate and includes writing materials such as rules and current writing contests. However, keep in mind that, while is a useful employment board, it is only that. It doesn’t provide the same level of security or ease of use as a freelancing marketplace.


Aquent could be a good alternative for you if you want someone else to handle the effort of finding you amazing clients. They’re a staffing and recruitment firm that employs artificial intelligence to link freelancers in fields like creative, tech, and writing with clients looking for short- to long-term assignments.

How it works: Aquent’s Book automatically tags your portfolio, taking into account factors such as your rate, availability, location, and other preferences to match you with the perfect client. You can also use advanced search capabilities to look for available job ads on their employment board. It’s important to note that you’ll work directly with Aquent, who will function as a liaison between you and your project prospects and client engagements.


Contently is an agency-style platform that connects independent creatives with high-paying clients and allows them to collaborate on high-paying projects. Joining their network makes it easier for freelancers to find jobs. Through their platform, you may be partnered with big brands, propose ideas, submit projects, and receive cash instantaneously.

Keep in mind that you must already have a great portfolio to be authorized. They work with well-known companies, thus they carefully evaluate their applications for high ability. As a result, Contently is a particularly suitable choice for experienced freelance writers.


FreeUp is a smaller general freelance marketplace that connects clients with more than 85 different sorts of freelancers.

To gain access to their marketplace, you must first complete a three-step approval procedure that includes an application, an interview, and a test on their Terms of Service and Best Practices. After that, everything goes smoothly.

What makes FreeUp different from other, larger marketplaces? They can deliver hands-on, quick client service in a way that larger platforms can’t. Clients are only allowed to spend 10-15 minutes with you before making a hiring decision, which is interesting. The goal is to speed up the process so that freelancers may get work quickly.


DesignCrowd, like 99designs, is a graphic design marketplace that offers one-on-one projects with clients and crowdsourced design contests. The differences between the two can be easily compared here.

DesignCrowd, on the other hand, is far more contest-oriented, and even pays freelancers to participate in contests. Designers from all over the world compete by submitting samples of their work in response to a client’s brief, and the client chooses the winner based on their preference. This isn’t a smart alternative unless you want to exercise your skills, because design experts often don’t need to focus on portfolio-building contests.

It is, nevertheless, an excellent choice for beginners with a competitive spirit: you may improve your talents, build your portfolio, and, of course, make money. DesignCrowd gets a 15% portion of all earnings as a fee.


Coroflot, like Behance and Dribbble, is a lesser-known but nonetheless fantastic creative site. Their members work in a variety of design fields, including fashion, architecture, user experience, and more.

Coroflot’s returning client list includes industry heavyweights such as Nike, Sony, Microsoft, and others. Not to mention, their crew is made up entirely of designers, giving them a unique perspective on what freelance designers desire from a creative job board.


Codeable is a freelancing platform dedicated to assisting you in finding work as a WordPress developer.

One thing that stands out about Codeable is their commitment to avoiding the “race to the bottom” problem that plagues other freelance marketplaces. It’s also fascinating to see how they do it.

Essentially, they employ a proprietary algorithm that eliminates both underpriced and overpriced estimates, presenting clients with only one price estimate regardless of the number of freelancers that submitted. In addition, they provide fair, guaranteed minimum hourly pay of $70-120 USD.

The only significant financial disadvantage is their 10% fee, which is still better than other freelancing platforms.


Contena is one of the top freelance writing services I frequently recommend. Here’s why I think it’s cool: Contena has a straightforward technique for putting the best writing jobs in front of freelancers by effectively gathering information from all around the internet.

Their primary purpose is to assist freelance writers in saving time and finding assignments more quickly. They also do this by providing you email alerts for the top jobs that match your precise requirements. You will have to pay for their premium service, but it includes classes, mentoring, discounted pricing, and the chance to expand your portfolio using their simple publishing platform.


Do you want to get opportunity in customer care, devops or sysadmin, golang, nodesk, sales and marketing ???? It is global remote employment program where you can get job opportunity. They’re a much smaller, narrower platform—basically, if you’re looking for a job in one of those areas, their service is about as plain and straightforward as it gets.

By entering in a keyword, ideal location (even freelancers must consider time zones), and a category, you may quickly read through a long list of hand-picked projects. They also have a great resource to teach you how to construct a successful resume, CV, and cover letter if you require it.


Another of my personal favorites is Solidgigs. They seek out possibilities for freelancers and deliver the top 1% to your mailbox. So, instead of wasting hours looking through listings, you don’t have to do anything; the chances come to you.

Another great feature of their business is the freelancer training they provide, which teaches you how to pitch effectively, determine your fees, and more.


There are two categories:

The majority of freelancing websites fall into one of two categories: marketplace or job board. Both aim to connect freelancers to work prospects and frequently include distinct features (such as a community aspect or recruiting assistance). On marketplaces, you’ll normally create a profile, browse potential jobs, and enjoy the benefits of a safe and expedited application, client communication, and payment procedure.

Protection and Guidance

However, the protection and guidance that freelance marketplaces provide come at a cost. Job boards, on the other hand, frequently include useful search tools that allow you to quickly locate and apply to current openings listed by clients in your field.

You’ll have to go through the real project on your own with job boards, and you’ll have to pay for memberships on occasion. However, you’ll have the extra benefit of not having to outbid other freelancers, keep flawless profile evaluations, or even sign up at all.


Releasing platforms can be beneficial to both new and experienced freelancers. As I indicated in my post on how to become a freelance writer, I strongly advise novices to begin their freelancing career in a marketplace rather than trying to network on their own.

Hopefully, you now have a firm understanding of the top freelance websites available to you and are ready to dive into one (or a few) and begin building your career.



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